Congressional Term Limits2018-05-13T11:26:04+00:00

Congressional Term Limits

One of the greatest issues that undermines progress in America is simple – the politicians. The same people remain in office for decades because the corporate and special interest machines that fuel them push out any challengers from the common man. These corporate and special interests are invisible in the background as puppet masters. They use the politicians to protect their interests and they keep the politicians in power for this purpose. The easiest solution to fix this problem is simple – term limits. Term limits keep the playing field open so that new people can enter despite the “investment” corporations have in a specific politician. After all, if presidents have term limits, shouldn’t your representatives in Congress also be limited? An additional deterrent to these “sell-out” politicians is also simple; pass a bill that forces members of Congress to live under the same laws they pass. No exceptions!


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