The United States has always been a nation that embraces those who seek freedom, prosperity, and the ability to create one’s own destiny. Many Americans have come from different places to embrace our way of life and American values through a legal process. My wife is one of them. Yet illegal immigration has harmed those who were born in the United States and those who came here legally by robbing them of the American Dream they left their country to pursue. Most understand the dream is disappearing because millions have flooded this country illegally.

Shall we abandon our own “tired, poor masses that are yearning to breathe free” for those who reject our laws and DEMAND our resources? Shall we give scholarships, business loans, and head starts to those who spit on our legal process, fly another flag, and detest our ways – while our own citizens are denied? Even many veterans who gave everything live on our streets, while people who invaded our country get free housing, food, and medical care. This is outlandish! Illegal immigration has also pulled down wages and held them at poverty levels for many skilled professions such as construction, landscaping, service jobs, and agriculture. I REJECT the foolish notion that these are “jobs that no American wants.” I also REJECT the notion that legal immigrants who have stood in line for ten years should be pushed to the back or DENIED citizenship to make room for law breakers who ignored our process.  In addition, we must not create exceptions for the children of illegal immigrants. This only encourages people to flood our country with small children or those in the womb. This is immoral and dangerous. However, there is nothing immoral or inhumane about returning a child to his or her parents. As Americans, we must think of our own children and preserving the dream for their future. Our process also protects that American Dream and ensures that we have enough jobs and opportunity for those who currently reside in the United States.

Illegal immigration has introduced human trafficking to America. It is the new slave trade where humans are extorted for work and sex, before being discarded or sold. This is CLEARLY not a better life for anyone. Illegal immigration has also brought ruthless armed drug traffickers to the United States and flooded our streets with mind destroying drugs along with countless murders and robberies. Now the Department of Homeland Security has warned of new gangs that abduct American children and young adults for $10,000 per person. They are put in vans, on boats, and small planes leaving the country where they are never heard from again. This has been happening all over Florida, California, and border states.

This is why we MUST enforce our immigration laws – no exceptions.

Yet as we look to the future, we must also stand ready to bring the ideas that make America the envy of the world to those who seek it. After all, if the dream can be created in struggling countries, then those citizens won’t need to come here to find it. We see many examples of American foreign policy that teach others to build their nation as we have built ours. Countries like Israel, Colombia, and the Ukraine are just a few examples.

In Congress I will support foreign policies that promote faith, freedom, education, a free market, and rule of law.


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