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Enhance Quality of Life

I am an advocate for bringing jobs and industry to the area and improving our quality of life, healthcare, and education. To increase quality of life and bring jobs, I will use my influence to connect with businesses who would love to make this spectacular district their home. This will not be a “hard sell.” After all, we live in the most beautiful place on Earth! I will meet with city, county, and state planners to broker deals that create “win – win” scenarios for everyone involved.

To improve healthcare and education I will try something never tried before. CONSULT WITH TEACHERS, PARENTS, AND HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS! That’s right; improvements can only be accomplished by consulting with those who work in these fields and use their services. I believe the greatest way to solve the problems we face is to go straight to the people to get input, and then put a plan into action that everyone will be happy with. Too often, politicians run on their own ideas and never actually consult with anyone. Then Americans are left with new laws, red tape, and dysfunction that do not even address the concerns the people had in the first place. I understand that as a representative in Congress my responsibility will be to the people of my district and not my own political career. I am not just another politician, I am running for office to help the people of my district.


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