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Second Amendment

I intensely support the second amendment of the Constitution and am against the expansion of frivolous gun and ammunition laws. With thousands of gun laws already on the books, there are countless tools at the disposal of law enforcement to keep our community safe. Our current laws simply need to be enforced. I am particularly against gun bans and magazine restrictions. Bill Clinton attempted these types of sweeping bans in 1994 without success. The result of these bans was the Columbine massacre, the DC snipers, the Atlanta brokerage shootings, and the LA bank robbery shootout just to name a few. Bans simply don’t work.

I support a multi-tiered plan to address the threat of mass shooting without conflicting with a law-abiding citizen’s right to self-defense. As a teacher and a father, I understand the importance and sensitivity needed to address the issue. I also have a unique perspective on the matter as a prior law enforcement officer with a master’s degree in Homeland Security and Intelligence Studies.


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